The memory of birth can be a talisman that you hold in you heart as you journey deeper and deeper into motherhood.

For these moments come again in every mother’s life —the times when we are asked to walk straight into our pain and fear, and in doing so, open up to a love that is greater than anything we ever could have imagined: all life’s beauty and wonder, as well as all the ways that things can break and go wrong… Again and again, motherhood demands that we break through our limitations, that we split our hearts open to make room for something that may be more than we thought we could bear.

In that sense, the labor with which we give birth is simply a rehearsal for something we mothers must do over and over: turn ourselves inside out, and then let go.

-Susan Piver

I SUPPORT: Your Labor, Your Choices, Your Partner.

I HOLD: Your Intention, Your Hand, Your Space, Your Privacy.

I TRUST: You, Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth<


It is my humble honor to support the unfolding of new life and the birth of new families. I believe children are born whole, wise and ready to teach. Babies literally stretch the boundaries of our bodies until they are born, then they begin to stretch the boundaries of our minds and hearts. They are incredible teachers, each with his/her unique lesson plan. As a doula, it is my deepest desire to help parents receive and distill the wisdom of their children through the passing of each threshold: pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I believe in every woman’s right to choose the birth she desires. As a doula, it is my intention to hold a container of love for mamas and their families by bridging the gap between the birth of their dreams and the unfolding of each moment. I believe in the body and its ability to give birth. My vision is to create a safe and sacred experience where birthing mamas can surrender into the flow of labor by leaning into the inner and outer support that is here for them to receive. As a servant of birth, I am here to help facilitate ease, love and joy in every moment.

I celebrate you, your baby and your birth.
It is a birthday party after all!


  • 1 Consultation (free of charge) It is essential that you feel a connection with your doula! We take this time to meet in person, discuss your desires for your birth and determine if we’re a good fit.
  • 2 Pre-Natal appointments (1-2 hours) at your home scheduled between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy where we discuss your birth in detail, identify your birth preferences and spend time practicing some of the relaxation and pain-management techniques you might want to use in labor.
  • 1 Pre-Natal Yoga Therapy Session (2 hours) at my office where we employ the tools of yoga therapy to help you connect with your intentions, your body, your baby, your power and your birth.
  • 4 weeks of on-call availability I will be available at any time 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date.
  • Once labor is established, I will join you at your home or birthplace. I will offer you continual physical and emotional support, and remain with you approximately 1-2 hours after your baby is born.
  • 1 Postpartum appointment  Approximately 1 hour, 1-2 weeks after the birth.
  • Unlimited phone and email support throughout pregnancy and for two weeks postpartum.

INVESTMENT: $950  ($600 due at the time of hire, $350 due at first theprenatal home visit)