BIRTH PARTNER YOGA – Embodied Birth Education and Preparation

WHEN: Spring and Fall sessions to be announced.

WHERE: Sarah’s Yurt (Lyons, Colorado)

INVESTMENT: $400 includes 6 group sessions, materials and 1 private session (for mama) with Sarah Pregnancy is a time of profound transformation as two bodies, minds and hearts incubate and prepare to be born, one as baby, one as mother. This is a process of becoming, an invitation to unfold and step into a fuller way of being with yourself, with your family, with the world.

This emerging life is your garden
You plant
You nourish
You grow
You create new life with every breath
Tend the fruits of your labor
With intention
With awareness
Let your pregnancy be your teacher
Let your birth be your harvest

As this life inside you grows and expands, so too do you. As this life inside you must be nourished, so too must you. The listening that can happen in this 6 week practice has the potential to: Inform the intentions you set for your birth of your baby and the birth of your new family.

Empower you and your birth partner to be present to your body, your breath and your baby.

Allow you and your birth partner to develop trust in the wisdom of your body and its ability to give birth.

Practice hands-on tools to ease discomforts during childbirth and facilitate a deepened partnership and connection for birth and beyond.

Provide a safe container for the expression and release of what might be getting in the way.

Nourish your heart’s desire within a community of other expecting families.

Please Note: this series is held amidst Mother Nature’s majesty in a yurt. Access involves a 10 minute gentle uphill walk. All pregnant mamas are welcome with the support of their hiking boots and the blessing of their healthcare provider.

  • What is it in you that wants to be nourished? What it is it that wants your love, attention, attunement in this moment?

    To answer these questions, we must go to the source: your body. The pregnant body begs, if not demands to be heard and supported. Your body asks you to listen. Herein lies your greatest preparation for birth.

  • This six week practice is an invitation to step into a way of being with your body that begins with deep listening and invites expression. Here, you are held in a womb-like space so that you may experience the evolution of your own soul as you prepare to meet and Mother the soul that grows inside you. Together, we will explore and express the edges of pregnancy as a way of preparing for the edges of birth and motherhood.
  • Through movement, meditation, breath work, reflection, creative expression and ritual, you will be invited into a practice of being with your pregnant body fully so that you may be empowered to direct and support the birth of your child and the birth of yourself as Mother. This is not a childbirth class or birthing method but rather an exploration of the wisdom that is coming through your experience of holding life in your belly.